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Intelativity grew out of a passion for design and giving back to the local community. Owner and Brand Specialist Ashley Muir began her career designing typefaces internationally and contributed her skills to custom typeface designs for brands such as Giant Bikes, Merrell Shoes, Disney & Microsoft while contributing to the creation of nearly 30 typefaces. In 2012 Muir was the youngest member appointed as the Marketing & Creative Director of a local non-profit organization named Sisters U®.  With a mission to provide education and resources to women that empowers them to giveback to their local communities, and live their lives with purpose, Muir’s branding capabilities allowed Sisters U® to more than double their size of their membership in two short years. Her success moved her to launch Intelativity in 2013 and has since contributed to the development and navigation of over 50 brands nationwide.

At Intelativity we work on building communication strategies from your mission on out. That means taking the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business and its processes, developing a map of your current position in the market, identifying future trends and studying your market landscape to identify the specific path to work toward your goals. We then excavate the identity of your target market and develop creative content and messaging to engage your audience in a way that is a direct extension of who you are as an organization and resonates with the core of your target market.

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